The Mission


Hayden’s Journey of Inspiration is dedicated to providing critical support to families of Georgetown University Hospital pediatric cancer patients during their pursuit of life-saving stem cell transplants at Duke University Medical Center.




Many Families Must Move From The D.C. Area To North Carolina For Transplant Treatment At Duke
When children from Georgetown need a transplant at Duke, their families must temporarily move several hundred miles away from the Washington, D.C. area to Durham, North Carolina. Because of the intensive nature of the transplant, the families must live in Durham for many months.  This means that families must maintain two households hundreds of miles apart–sometimes for longer than a full year.  Hayden and her family made this difficult journey when she was six years old with the help of their family, friends, and community.

Making The Journey Easier For Families
As a result of cooperative arrangement between Duke and Georgetown, numerous pediatric patients go from Georgetown to Duke for stem cell transplants every year.  The families of the patients must establish and maintain a second home–an expense that is almost never covered by any health insurance.  Often, one parent stays at home with the patient’s siblings, and the other parent leaves his or her job and moves to North Carolina to care for their child.  The stress, anxiety, and disruption of having a very sick child are compounded by these extreme financial and logistical burdens.  HJI’s mission is to make this trip less disruptive for families who must move to Durham for their child’s treatment.  

HJI Plans To Provide A Home To Families In Durham
HJI’s first and most pressing goal is to renovate and furnish an apartment in Durham for the use of families from Georgetown when they are at Duke. This is only the beginning.  Ultimately, HJI will become a self-sustaining foundation providing support for these families for years to come.

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